Pretty Masculine the App

The official website for Pretty Masculine the App by Mike Ruiz.

The official website for Pretty Masculine the App by Mike Ruiz.   | #mikeruiz

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New York, NY: Celebrity Photographer Mike Ruiz has transformed his hugely successful coffee table book, Pretty Masculine, into an interactive photographic gallery for the iPad and soon for the iPhone and Android devices. The Pretty Masculine App will offer unprecedented access to Mike Ruiz’s entire creative process. “As an artist and photographer, I've always been interested in peeling back layers and portraying people out of context”, says Ruiz. “My goal with the Pretty Masculine App is to introduce a new way for people to consume art. The App is unique in that it showcases photography, while having an interactive functionality. It is the first of its kind to be released by a photographer.”

Content in the App will continually be changing, refreshing and evolving to reflect the full spectrum of Ruiz’s body of work, and will include more fashion and beauty-oriented images. Some of the most incredible fitness models in the world have come together to participate in this ongoing project. “It really has become a platform for many models, both male and female, to express themselves in ways that are outside the scope of the fitness industry”, adds Mike. As a result, aspiring models and anyone interested in the convergence of fitness and fashion will be able to get to know the models through interviews, behind the scenes clips and direct links to their websites and social media.

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The official website for Pretty Masculine the App by Mike Ruiz.   | #mikeruiz


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